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Updated: 2018 May

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Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

Sarah Alia - 9th January 2018

I have been doing treatments with Dr Alan since October 2017, and I could not be any happier with the results. I have been to many aesthetics but most of them just want to hard sell their most expensive treatment. Dr Alan was honest on what I need and do not need, in fact, I learnt a thing or two on how the skin works! The clinic is clean, homey, smells good all the time and the people there are so friendly! Definitely my go-to aesthetic, my one and only from now on.

Aishah Idris - 9th November 2017

I went there for my allergy that affected my skin. Went to previous clinic a month before and it got worse, but after I went to Aessence Aesthetic Clinic, just after a few days, my skin condition due to the allergy got a lot better. The staff and doctors are friendly as well. Highly recommended especially if you have a sensitive skin like me😊😊

Shasikumar A/L Gopal - 26th January 2018

Visited this clinic for lip pigmentation treatment.Service was really good.I paid RM 70 for the first-time visit which includes medication and consultation.Very satisfied with the service

Nolundi Bashe - 27th October 2017

Good service ....

Iwan - 1st February 2018

I went for a consultation on sebaceous cyst removal, then immediate operation last week. I was in and out of the clinic within one hour. Then headed back today to have the stitches removed. And yes I found the price very good! Dr Chin performed a first class operation. I had the sutures removed today. The service was impeccable all round and I will rate 5 stars!

Beeby Noraini Ainie - 20th November 2017

I like Dr Chong clinic bcoz...their treatment is amazing..solve the skin n body fat problem.. I have seen so much of good feedback from Dr chong clinic...I think its a best clinic for our skin n body

Jel Utorr RN - 2nd February 2018

I loved being pampered here with the latest skin treatment! One of the best clinic I have ever been. Thank you Dr.Inder���loving the result..not enough the 5 stars..all staff so friendly even they’re look tired and superb busy�

Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

- 8th December 2015

"I had a huge problem with my double chin and flabby arms. I have tried so many things and spent huge amounts of cash on getting slimming treatments and medications which only left me poorer and with no results. I was told about this clinic from a friend and therefore met the Dr there. I did it and it was wonderful. The procedure was fast and so effective. Thank you so much to the Dr and nurses in Da Vinci Clinic, I will visit you all again and will sure recommend to anyone. Cheers! Straightforward, realistic, professional and friendly. Most important it is trustworthy with good bedside manners from their doctors and nurses. I was in some pain after the procedure but it was managed well with proper advice. Thank you."

Jia - 10th March 2017

"Tried their HIFU treatment, loved the results. Highly recommended for loose skin problems. Doctor was friendly and patiently answered my questions, the staff were friendly and sociable. Environment was very relaxing."

Michelle - 26th May 2017

My overall experience here is good! I've been here for 2 times now for my whitening drip treatment. It costs me about RM500 per treatment, and it is reasonable for me! The doctor and staff I've been in touch with are very friendly and nice, and they provide me with clear informations. The staff from KL contacted me to arrange appointments etc., and she always answers my questions promptly via Whatsapp. By the way, I could get easy access to parking here, and the entrance is usually just near to where I've parked my car!

Frank Yap - 15th January 2018

Would like to thank Dr Kula's great work on my liposuction. I am also pleased by the supportive staffs in the clinic during the post-op care period. I am a more confident person now.

Steve Fong - 5th February 2017

ARC CLINIC is a full services clinic offering laser & non invasive to cosmetic surgery treatments. They are based in MEDIPLEX @ Subang Jaya Medical Centre. They also provide a wide range of Injectables, Facials and Slimming Treatments.

Sin Pei Chin - 13th February 2018

I think that the environment is fine since it was well maintained and the price is fairly reasonable. I feel as though the waiting time could be reduced at times.

Maja Sieroń - 26th November 2017

It's amazing how hospital can looks, customers are treated very indyvidual and they can feel like in 5 stars hotel with the best and professional doctors and staf. For sure I can recomend this clinic for everyone�

Anonymous - 2nd January 2018

I did blepharoplasty surgery to remove eye bags.I only had to visit the clinic twice for this procedure, one is for the surgery and the following week for a follow-up.Everything has been good so far.The total cost for this procedure was RM 5000 which I think is quite reasonable for this procedure.Service was also excellent.

- 6th May 2016

"I am a teacher who is 30 years old. I have tried many other ways to loose weight. I did my research and came to this clinic, while waiting for the doctor, I did chat with his other patients who has been getting their other treatments here. I ask them how was the results and they are very happy to have found Dato Dr JasG who have made them so happy with the results for the price they paid. They did tell me that he is different in his approach for the treatments and his patients satisfactory. I felt very comfortable listening to his patient sharing their experience about their treatments they had in Dato Dr JasG clinic.During the consultation I was just listening to Dato Dr JasG, explaining to me everything that I wanted to know. I decided to proceed with the body contouring treatment. I have done it, I want to share my experience with everybody that my result was good and I have no complains. I do understand that many of us are looking for a right doctor, so never miss this opportunity. He is good. I truly appreciate Dato Dr JasG, professionalism, for doing a good job during my treatments in his clinic. Thank you for doing your best for your patients. I will will recommend you to all my friends and family."

- 4th May 2016

"I am fed up with my arm as I have big arms. I love to wear sleeveless like cheong sam for my daughter's wedding. I have tried all sorts of exercise but with no result. All these years I have been waiting to do this procedure but wasn't sure of the result. I did thought of going to the slimming center but I saw my friend with result after doing her arm treatment with Dato Dr JasG. That boost up my confident that this is the best solution. I have done the procedure and I am very happy as I can see the progress. My advise is don't think too much. Get it done and do your workout to achieve a toned up body.Thank you very much to Smart International Aesthetic team."

- 13th April 2016

"LipoMy outer thigh fat has reduced so much and not fat anymore. I feel much confident and very happy with myself. Really good clinic and doctors, so happy that I found this place, I look more confident. Very good experience ."

Ms Koh - 21st July 2017

The doctor is very professional, ethical and honest - he gave me genuine advice and recommend me treatments that are indeed suitable for me! The coordinator was very efficient and detailed.Besides, the clinic environment is very good, too! clean, not too crowded...It's my first time doing the treatment, I get nervous, but throughout the overall experience - from the pick-up, procedures, communication, etc., It is all a very pleasant experience! I believe this is why I chose this clinic for my treatment!

Irma - 16th October 2017

Getting better already! I am having skin allergy and doctor advises me to take antibiotics, creams, and supplement for about a month. The medication is really effective for me! Besides, doctor has also advises me to stop eating certain foods like fermented foods, fast food, sugary foods. The doctor has helped me very much, explained a lot to me. Hmm..just that the cost is a little bit pricey for me which i spent about RM376. Anyway i understood that the supplement is from US, and overall i would say their service is really okay for me!

Yee Thai Nean - 14th December 2017

I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. My first contact was with Mr Jason and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was and how fast he was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have administration like Mr Jason. The first point of contact is crucial! Now on to the appointment, my appointment ran on time, Dr Tristan was really knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment! I would highly recommend this clinic.

NURUL NISA ADLINA - 28th December 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Very satisfied with the treatment received. Although the treatment price is around RM 650, but I think it is reasonable to pay for the price of medication and blood test. The treatment is very effective.

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