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Updated: 2018 April

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Muhazin Ali - 6th April 2017

To my favorite dentist, Dr. Andy . Thank you for giving me my smile back! Dr. Andy of “ i care Dental “ (Orthodontics Implants Cosmetic), is the best in dentistry. He has a great team of family and staff. They are all top of the line professionals, with superb workmanship, artistry and state of the art equipment. A CEREC Milling Unit (for same day crowns & implants). A lab on site, 3D Imaging, and TV/DVD for his patients to watch while waiting, or just to relax, if they wish. He has other Hi-Tech equipment, as well, to achieve a precision alignment, which goes hand in hand with that perfect smile, that I now have. I have had poor teeth for about 3 years, and have had some dentists. None of which, have been better at the Mastery of Dentistry, than Dr.Andy . He has transformed my ugly teeth into a beautiful smile. I am 23 and my teeth look better now, than when I was 20. I thought there was no hope, unless I spent a fortune. His fees are very reasonable, and affordable for all incomes, and he will work with you. He is very caring, compassionate, and patient with a desire to make his patients happy with their results. Dr. Andy is also very good with children, and has a way of making them calm and relaxed. He will always be my dentist, and even though I will be living a bit far away, I will fly or drive to i care Dental, for all of my dental needs. If you need quality work, at an affordable price, then you need to call Dr. Andy to set up an appointment. You will thank God you did. I do every day....Thank you so much

Céline A. Yap - 1st July 2015

Meeting Dr Beh was the best decision I've ever made. Professional consultation, great services and reasonable price! Thank you for restoring my beautiful smile again! :)

Fellesia - 9th April 2018 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

All good. The doctor was friendly. Consult with a doctor about bad breath, doctor says no need to take care of it first.

Ting - 14th June 2017 - Original in Chinese, Simplified, translated by Google

I went to the clinic to consult with a transparent braces correction procedure. I think the service of the clinic is good and the explanation is very detailed. Although after the examination, the doctor said that my situation is not suitable for correction, I still give the clinic 4 stars.

Jason - 23rd October 2017

Super friendly doctor and explained every single thing clearly and super skillful. Will definitely recommend my friend and family come over.

chris shee - 6th January 2018

Dr Candy Tham was very patient and willing to explain every step of the way throughout the scaling process including the air polishing step. She also explained her examination of the overall health of my teeth after scaling and offered to patch a self-repair gel to two of my big tooth to work for an hour. The whole process was a breeze. No pain and all done within half an hour. One star short is just a small issue. Never been to this dental clinic before and I called to ask for the price of scaling beforehand and was informed the range between RM80-100, which was great. But ended up with RM130. Wasn't complaining about the price or service but would prefer to know the accurate price of the service beforehand if possible. I turned down another dental scaling service with awesome recommendation because the nurse said over the phone the service is above RM100 but no max range was given. Not the kind of surprise I think most common patients would love to get. Afterall dental service is usually not covered by most employment benefits. One good surprise though, both me and my friend got a small gift as first time patients. It came with an educational pamphlet for kids dental care, a handheld tooth mirror and a Colgate toothpaste! Sweet~ 😘😘😘

Ivan Liew - 25th March 2017

Finally found the issue that has been bothering me for months. None of my previous dentists that I visited could identify the issue. It was a cracked tooth. Will be back for crowning. Also get well soon doctor and don't be too stressed with work.

Leng Yein - 16th February 2017

Smile makeover done in Smileavenue Dental Surgery. Thanks Dr.Aric for his good job again. Been their customer ever since they opened. I am happy that i got a better smile now with natural looking teeth. I would definitely recommend my fans and friends to come over!

Sya Zain - 10th May 2014

Received a good consulatations n recommendations from Dr.Aric.Friendly staff, modern equipments, modern environment n etc.Value for money.Thumbs up #smileavenuedentalclinic. #smileavenuedental

Jovice Ng - 12th January 2018

First time visiting tiew dental clinic in Kepong. Dr Lim Suk Yik is very gentle and patient, she explained my condition and give me few options to solve my problems. Satisfied with the result, the filling looks quite natural on my incisors. Good service and affordable price, definitely with visit again!

Wai Yin Koh - 24th February 2018

Good and experienced doctors esp. for kids, cosy and clean environment, will definitely recommend this dental clinic ��

Sum - 20th July 2017 - Original in Chinese, Simplified, translated by Google

After consulting the clinic for dental orthodontic treatment, although the result was that the doctor did not recommend me to bring the braces again (because I had already tied it), I was very satisfied with the clinic's services. I think the clinic's service is good, the doctor's explanation is also very detailed, the clinic environment is also very good, I will give 5 stars!

Ms Azlin - 23rd March 2017

Good! My son has got a lot of improvement since the doctor suggested him to changed toothbrush. He has had the difficulty of brushing teeth before. Besides, this is so reasonable as it costs around RM 280 in overall. My son will go for follow-up session during May. I also received scaling at the clinic as well.

Jayne Law - 3rd September 2016

I was very scare to consult dentist before but I Care totally change my thoughts, Doctor Beh is very patient and gentle, he immediately identify the problems and confidently proceeded to treatments. The best experience ever.

‎Ellise Walburn - 15th December 2014

Had appointment with Dr Beh @ Damansara Jaya branch yesterday afternoon. Great experience ! Definitely reccommended !

Ellise Walburn - 15th December 2014

Had appointment with iCare Dental yesterday afternoon. Great experience ! Definitely reccommended !

Lim K.Y. - 18th August 2017

Quite good service actually...very fast in fact. RM2700 to do braces, for today's market it's very, very affordable! Besides, the clinic is very, very comfortable.

Fara Elishiah Shaharudin - 6th August 2017

Dr clearly explained the possible root cause and options available. He has a warmth personality too. I would recommend this dentist to anyone with out a doubt 😊 I only gave 4 ⭐️ as I had to wait an extra 15 mins even tho I had set an appointment. Just to be clear, the dr and staff did apologise.

Norwati - 20th July 2016

The overall consultation and services were very good.

Seng Kam keong - 6th December 2017

I have attended the open day of the clinic. I can see that the doctor is caring and takes good care of the patient. They also take time to explain all the benefit of their treatment options. They have done a wonderful job and will recommend my friends to come to this clinic.

Diyana Firyana - 23rd May 2017

Wonderful services but hard to find parking in this area

Immaz Othman - 2nd October 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Clinic that provides xray teeth in klang with affordable price .. tq dr tan

Jee Seck Hon - 12th January 2018

Dr always give very good service and you will feel comfortable and very less pain there.

Woo Soo Kheong - 26th February 2018

Great service and consultation given by the dr and nurses. Highly recommended�

Cheng Shien Khei - 28th November 2017

Good service and Dr Yew is profesional to advise the way to take care the teeth and suggested some good products too.

Hasbi - 22nd January 2018

The consultation which I had received from the doctor was great! I would also like to thank the receptionist staffs for keeping my son company while I was away.

Lihong Lee - 4th February 2018

After trying many different dentist in any area Johor Bahru , a good friend of mine suggested that I make a appointment Dr Queck . He had a good staff Ms Ivy reply me faster for making an easy appointment . Dr Queck explain every procedure he was doing . Dr Queck is very professional and charming � as every of mine friend talk too.

Sharon Ooi - 22nd April 2016

Excellent service by Dr Queck. He is friendly and skillful dentist! He explained every procedure he was doing. His staffs are very helpful too. Very pleasant indeed. Reasonable price! :)

Alvin Sia - 28th July 2015

Dr Queck is very Friendly,gentle,skillful and also good service Dentist.. He will always give the best solution and his pricing is very reasonable. As a Dentist he will always patiently listen to patients problems and advice professionally. Recommended to make appointment first instead walk in to his clinic due to his appt is always full.

Siti Aisyah - 26th August 2016

Nurse is very welcoming and pleasant. Doctor explanation is good and gentle. This is the first visit of my kids and I’m very sure the kids are not afraid with dentist. Overall, very satisfied with the service. Good job and keep it up.

Anis Nazirah - 13th October 2017

Gentle and very kind to patients. Dr. Ibrahim explains in detail and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Though the nurses could be friendlier and better in pr, it is still very recommended

Hakim - 13th February 2017

very caring dentist, above average pricing but worth it.

Adib Atiqah - 24th May 2015

Highly recommended the best doc in town :) do Come!

Jocelyn Chong - 22nd February 2018

Doctor Eng is very professional and he explains my teeth conditions in detail followed by the necessary care and steps that ought to be taken by patients. It makes me have the urge to be a good patient and take care of my own teeth better. Flossing and flossing and flossing �

Wilson Tee Chun Wee - 20th January 2017

Thanks to Dr Gan Wee Ni for your care, kindness and patient. Really appreciate your time and effort to communicate and comfort me during the process of removing my teeth. Will recommend friends if they need consultation

Louis Tan - 13th September 2014

The doctor was incredibly thorough and a pleasure to have worked on my terrible teeth. I would recommend this place to anyone.

anthony baxter - 30th January 2018

I was on holiday in Malaysia and had a problem with one of my root canals that I had done in New Zealand. The dentist advised me on what to do and didn’t even charge me. Amazing dentist

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