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Egg freezing is the process of harvesting and freezing a number of matured female eggs for use in future IVF procedures.

Recommended for
Egg freezing is recommended for women looking to preserve their healthiest eggs for a pregnancy at a later date, or who are undergoing treatment which threatens their fertility (like chemotherapy.)

Average length of stay abroad 2 - 4 weeks.
As the process around ovary stimulation can take several weeks, it is best to discuss the logistical practicalities with your physician.

Number of trips abroad needed 1

As with IVF, the patient takes a drug to suppress the natural menstrual cycle. This can be administered by the patient, as a daily injection or a nasal spray, and lasts for around 2 weeks. After that, the woman begins using a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) which is in the form of a daily injection. This hormone increases the number of eggs produced by the ovaries, and the clinic will monitor the progress. This stage usually lasts 10 to 12 days. Around 34 to 38 hours before the eggs are due to be collected, there will be a final hormone injection which stimulates the eggs to mature.

The eggs are slowly frozen down to -196°C where they are stored in an anti-freeze solution to prevent the corruption of genetic material.
Possible discomfort
Patients undergoing hormone therapy are likely to encounter swollen and sensitive breasts and emotional sensitivity.

Success rates
Progress in egg freezing technology has seen an improvement to successfully thawing frozen eggs with the genetic material intact. However, the success conceiving from frozen eggs depends on a number of other factors, similar to those for traditional IVF.

Not Recommended for
Women over the age of 35.
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