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Updated: 2018 March

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Hormone Tests is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Infertility

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Ng Mei Xiang - 15th January 2018

Got my HPV vaccination here.Since the injection itself priced the same whole Malaysia, what differentiates this clinic is the service that they provide.The doctor was very friendly and was kind enough to share a lot of information regarding HPV vaccination and cervical cancer. By getting this injection, I also got package discount for a full blood test in this clinic.Very satosfied with the service I got here.

Pn. Maharani - 19th May 2017

Very nice. Good, explanation from Dr. Sharifah made me understand. Just get first session, there is a uterine examination, take urine, blood etc ... Cost about 3 million rupiah. Now is waiting for the full cost and continuing the next session.

Basha & Faiez - 30th May 2015

As high school sweethearts, we got married at young age,19 and 21 respectively.We have been blessed with a baby girl the next year and a baby boy the following year.It was a great joy then.11 years after, we felt a sudden surge of emptiness as our children were all grown up and our daughter was away at boarding school.As we were still young, we thought why not try for more kids.After 7 years attempt to conceive, we accepted it was a challenge to conceive naturally.Dr Ahmad at MMC initially prescribed folic acid.There was still no sign of progression even after a year taking the medication.After few rounds of blood, hormone, sperm and HSG test, Dr Ahmad suggested us to do IVF.Beginning infertility treatment was pretty overwhelming, but Dr Ahmad was supportive and positive during the whole process.On May 2015, we welcomed our double bundle of joy with 4 minutes difference.

Lay Liy & Yong Cheang - 9th February 2015

Initially, it never dawned on us that it would be difficult for us to conceive a child.In our first 2 years of marriage, we had been trying to conceive but were not seriously planning for a child.When we finally decided to have a child, we discovered that it was not as easy as we thought it would be.We met Dr Selva from MMC who initially encouraged us to do things the natural way as we were still young.As there was an uncertainty of how long it would be, we decided to do IVF.Sure there were blood draws, ultrasounds and needles.There were tangible progressions, follicle counts and hormone levels to hold on to.However, we are blessed that through all this, IVF worked for us.Dr Selva has been an incredible doctor to us and the team of Mahkota's IVF Centre has always been supportive of us.We are happy and thankful to have our beautiful twin girls in our lives.We look forward to giving them more siblings in the future.

Nurul - 28th June 2017

The best! The doctor was great! The clinic was easy to find too except I had trouble finding it the first time because it was in a housing area. The clinic also has parking space.

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