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Updated: 2018 June

Are you concerned about the quality and prices while looking for the best mole removal in Malaysia?

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Mole Removal

As a community medical support network here at MyDoc Asia, we have compiled the best Aesthetic clinics with mole removal in Malaysia for you, based on reviews and ratings from verified patients who have gone to the clinic - who knows better than those who have experienced it first-hand?

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Moles appear as small, round brown or black spots usually not bigger than the size of a pencil eraser. Some moles are flat while some are raised, and while some moles disappear as we grow, some also appear along our aging process. Moles are generally harmless, but if you notice your mole or moles changing in shape or colour, or if it itches or bleeds abnormally, you should check with your doctor to spot any possibilities of skin cancer. Moles can be removed via laser treatments.

Mole Removal is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Mole

About Malaysia:

Are you considering travelling to Malaysia for a medical treatment? Malaysia is one of the few countries where medical tourism is supported by the government, so you can be assured of the quality, safety standards and medical regulations adhered to here.

Medical treatments in Malaysia are known for its affordability. Flight, accommodation, treatment, and a trip round the city usually cost less than the medical treatment price in the US or Europe.

Medical tourism in Malaysia is also very easily accessible, with English widely spoken here, and you can usually stay in Malaysia for 90 days for a medical treatment without a visa (check with the Malaysian Embassy in your country to confirm your travel documents status and validity). This is also why almost 1 million healthcare travellers have visited Malaysia every year.

The weather in Malaysia is tropical and humid, so you can prepare for hot weather and occasional rain.

The easiest way to get to Malaysia is by plane, with international airports available at Kuala Lumpur (KLIA/KLIA2) and Subang Jaya (SZB). Regional airports are in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), Kuching (Sarawak), Penang, Melaka, Langkawi and Johor Bahru.

Getting around in Malaysia is easy as there are taxis and ride hailing services (Grab) available, and subways/transits in city centres of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The currency used in Malaysia is MYR (RM).

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We compiled Malaysia doctors that are licensed by ministry of health Malaysia and verified by MyDoc Asia Care Team. So here’s the list of Aesthetic clinics near you in Malaysia!

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  • Average rating 4.4 over 5
  • 2619 verified reviews

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Tan Mhwa - 6th July 2017

I would highly recommend Davinci Clinic. I am extremely impressed with Dr.Tristan.He did a great job removing multiple moles from my face, my varicose veins greatly improved and all the treatment they offer are effective and really work. Dr Tristan has excellent knowlege of all the latest treatments .The clinic itself is very relaxing and all the staff go to great lengths to make you feel welcome. The aftercare each client receives is first class.

Sarah Alia - 9th January 2018

I have been doing treatments with Dr Alan since October 2017, and I could not be any happier with the results. I have been to many aesthetics but most of them just want to hard sell their most expensive treatment. Dr Alan was honest on what I need and do not need, in fact, I learnt a thing or two on how the skin works! The clinic is clean, homey, smells good all the time and the people there are so friendly! Definitely my go-to aesthetic, my one and only from now on.

Aishah Idris - 9th November 2017

I went there for my allergy that affected my skin. Went to previous clinic a month before and it got worse, but after I went to Aessence Aesthetic Clinic, just after a few days, my skin condition due to the allergy got a lot better. The staff and doctors are friendly as well. Highly recommended especially if you have a sensitive skin like me😊😊

Sin Pei Chin - 13th February 2018

I think that the environment is fine since it was well maintained and the price is fairly reasonable. I feel as though the waiting time could be reduced at times.

Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

Tan Mhwa - 6th July 2017

I would highly recommend Davinci Clinic. I am extremely impressed with Dr.Tristan.He did a great job removing multiple moles from my face, my varicose veins greatly improved and all the treatment they offer are effective and really work. Dr Tristan has excellent knowlege of all the latest treatments .The clinic itself is very relaxing and all the staff go to great lengths to make you feel welcome. The aftercare each client receives is first class.

Kat - 8th July 2016

"I just had mole and freckle removal on my face as well as my neck and not forgetting the Fotona laser treatment! Da Vinci is the best clinic in MY by far as from the moment you walk in its squeaking clean and I always walk out with a smile on my face. Amazing!"

Astara - 15th July 2015

"Dermatologist Consultation, Skin Tag Removal Skin tag and mole removal with Platlet therapy. Was having dehydrated and pigmented skin for years so went to consult with Da Vinci clinic on the treatment options. I had been using some creams for some time but since it didnt have much results, I decided to try lasers.Just had my treatment done at this clinic, am really impressed with the staff and Dr Tristan consultation and analysis of my problem. I am having very bad skin tags over my face and neck with a huge long standing mole over my lips. Had it removed and it was quick and painless. The laser was also relatively quick and I can see all the spots on my face gone although i was told I needed at least 1 week recovery. I would like to thank Da Vinci Clinic for the amount of time and effort spent for my treatment. Expecting good results. Staffs are warm and friendly, Dr is well informed and knowledgeable, notably a very hands on person. Will surely return and continue with this clinic."

- 18th March 2016

"I had mole removed in just 5 minutes done by Dr Chin. Dr Chin was extremely gentle, caring and so professional, he made me feel so comfortable as I was little anxious. After the treatment I was given antibiotic cream.I came out from the treatment room with smiling face.I received good hospitality from the nurses, they gave me warm welcome and they were polite and friendly as well. The clinic ambience was pleasant. , Dr Chin was very humble. I will surely recommend my friends about MJ Medical Aesthetic."

Alan - 7th August 2015

I had a mole removal procedure (laser) performed by Dr Chin today and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to other potential patients. Dr Chin is extremely professional, gentle and made me feel really at ease from the start to the end of the procedure, with minimal discomfort. All in all, it only took approx. 10mins to have the mole removed. Clinic is clean and staff is well trained. Price is very reasonable for my mole removal, only costed me less than MYR$300 incl. antibiotic cream and vitamin E cream. Parking to the clinic is easy and location easy to find.

Rina - 24th April 2013

Very good price and service too. I can't wait till my scar to be healed. I highly recommend this clinic.

Cik Asula - 9th November 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

ok, well its services & treatments. Two sessions to get rid of my mole ... No problem ~~ :)

Steffannie - 19th July 2016

Very quick response and good service. I'm very satisfy with the treatment outcome too.

Pn. Suri - 25th July 2017

Clinic Clique was excellent! After my son received his first laser treatment, the clinic also called me to schedule follow-up sessions and asked about my son's condition. I didn't wait very long since I had already set the time and date for my appointment. As soon as I got to the clinic, it was already my turn. For my son's case, the cost for one session of laser treatment was around RM450. I'm still not sure how many sessions are needed since it depends on how my son's birthmark. The first time, I went to the clinic at 10 am, so the area was quite jam and finding parking was difficult.

Pang - 27th February 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Suddenly there was a lot of acne on the face. At the same time, several questions were sent to several clinics through the platform. The explanation was the most detailed. The information most helped me and I decided to go to this place to receive treatment (taking medicine + needle cleaning). The service of the clinic is very good. The doctors are very nice and the explanations are very detailed. I have already been to the clinic 2 times. The next course of treatment is 2 weeks later. My skin condition is currently well controlled, but the problem of pock has not yet been resolved.

Ms Raheka - 1st March 2017

My mole is minimised after applying the cream for about a month. Good! I'm satisfied with everything!

Shahidah - 23rd February 2017

My treatment is all settled. The clinic and service are all ok

Pn Faizah - 16th August 2016

If possible, I will give more than 5 stars! Everything went well, from the moment I entered the clinic, receiving treatment, to the moment I stepped out of the clinic. Will be even better if they can charge a lower price.

Nazira - 18th May 2018

I have visited the clinic on 8th may last week. The service was great and comfortable. The staff were really helpful and friendly. It takes RM 120 if I'm not mistaken. Removed 3 moles including the cream for post-treatment. Everything went well during treatment. The price also very affordable. So it is a 5/5

Danial - 31st July 2017

It's better now! Their service is indeed very very good, really beyond my expectation. I have just received one laser treatment for mole removal, and the exact cost is RM400 including consultation. I was advised by the doctor to have a few follow-ups, which are free-of-charge. If the doctor suggested to go for another session, shouldn't be a problem for me. I actually did recommend to my family member, my sister who is also having the same problem as me to receive treatment at klinik Ko. In terms of the pricing, maybe clinic should reduce the price a bit, because i check from the internet, the price is about RM150-RM200 for other clinics. But for me it's still affordable and reasonable, I just think that it might be a burden to others?

Cik Hanis - 17th March 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

I went for 1 session, cost RM250 ... everything is good, just ask the doctor to give you more advice on treatment.

Noraini - 20th February 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

I have already finished treatment at this clinic. His service and doctor are all good and ok.

Ong - 2nd December 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Made three consecutive treatment sessions to remove the blemishes from my face. The clinic environment and service are very good. I am very satisfied!

Pn Khairul Alida - 27th May 2016

Obviously I can see the changes after done the treatment. It is very good! For their service, that is great and their staff are so friendly. Although the treatment cost was a bit expensive, but I'm satisfied with everything. Worth it! By the way, I also recommend this clinic to my friend who has same problem with me. And I still thinking that maybe I will do another treatment and bring along my daughter to do the treatment. We are so excited and can't wait for it!

Nazrul - 16th April 2018

Visited them last week. Overall experience on the consultation and treatment is pretty good, I'm doing aser treatment for mole removal. Yet to ascertain the outcome yet as it’s still less than a week since treatment. The result seems to be better than expected. I will go to next appoinment should be end of this month. I did not get any medicine. Doctor should know the best. Maybe with the laser everything is more than ok!

Chan - 23rd December 2016

All is ok, they get me what I want. :) I can also see there is positive result. One thing is the doctor's schedule is quite pack so i need to find suitable time to match with the doctor's schedule.

Zulfa - 5th October 2016

Ok, satisfied with treatment and service! At the end of the month, there will be another follow-up.

En Osman - 14th February 2017

Okay! I've fully recovered, just left a bit black spots at the mole area after 2 sessions. Besides, the price is quite reasonable which is around RM 150 for one session. The doctor and staffs treated me nice and friendly as well.

Cik Norsyazwani - 11th November 2016

Doctor & staff all are very nice and friendly. They are not too perfect, but perfect enough...Everything is there. I am liking their environment too.

Cik Farita - 15th March 2016

The next day after sending my question, the clinic contacted me. I went to the clinic for treatment the next day. Comfortable clinic atmosphere. The service is also very good! Hopefully the clinic maintains all its good aspects. Try it out.

Iwan - 1st February 2018

I went for a consultation on sebaceous cyst removal, then immediate operation last week. I was in and out of the clinic within one hour. Then headed back today to have the stitches removed. And yes I found the price very good! Dr Chin performed a first class operation. I had the sutures removed today. The service was impeccable all round and I will rate 5 stars!

Hafiz - 28th July 2017 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Very ok. Receive two sessions of laser & total treatment cost of about RM400. It's gone, it's just a scar.

Nicor - 19th September 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I have already been to the clinic two times and the results are fairly satisfactory. The clinic doctors and staff are very friendly.

Cik Norazimah - 8th January 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

I am satisfied with the services of the clinic. The clinic atmosphere is also good.

Nolundi Bashe - 27th October 2017

Good service ....

Wah - 17th March 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I am receiving acne treatment (product +facial) and visit the clinic every two weeks. I have already been to the clinic four times. I have seen good results in my skin condition.

Amirul - 8th February 2017

Just did one treatment session to get rid of my mole. It costs about RM150.

Ms.Joy - 9th January 2017 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

To the clinic to receive treatment for tinea pedis, the services and environment of the clinic are very good, giving 4 stars.

Amira - 14th September 2017

Green-coloured antibiotics and two types of ointment(one of them a sports gel) were given to me the first time I went to the clinic. The total cost was RM300. For my second visit to the clinic, the cost was RM 33.40 to refill the green-coloured medicine. So far, my pimples have dried up... still waiting for my third treatment on 27th September.This clinic is really good because not only my treatment was good but they cleared all the doubts I had before. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the laser treatment and cleanser (RM 216) and and moisturiser(RM 167) because well, I'm still a student. However, I will definitely try it when I can afford it.

Ms Koh - 21st July 2017

The doctor is very professional, ethical and honest - he gave me genuine advice and recommend me treatments that are indeed suitable for me! The coordinator was very efficient and detailed.Besides, the clinic environment is very good, too! clean, not too crowded...It's my first time doing the treatment, I get nervous, but throughout the overall experience - from the pick-up, procedures, communication, etc., It is all a very pleasant experience! I believe this is why I chose this clinic for my treatment!

Amy Chew - 31st May 2018

I already visited the clinic to do mole removal treatment. For me, I think quite good because doctor gives me well explanation about my condition. It too early to give the review because of I still under treatment and follow up. But in the first beginning everything went well. I'm satisfied enough.

Li - 12th April 2018

I have visited klinik harmoni, the service is very good plus all the consultation. The doctor also is very friendly, but my mole removal left a very obvious scar there, not sure it will get faded or recovered by then. In terms of attitude and service of doctor, i would probably give 4 as rating but for the rating for treatment, I will only consider a 1 as the scar really annoys me alot. Anyway, the doctor response to my email is really efficient and this impressed me much compared to other klinik.

Cik Ija - 29th March 2017

Everything's fine except I hope to see more posters or informative things on the walls of the clinic or at the front counter.

Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

Maja Sieroń - 26th November 2017

It's amazing how hospital can looks, customers are treated very indyvidual and they can feel like in 5 stars hotel with the best and professional doctors and staf. For sure I can recomend this clinic for everyone�

Nazwan - 8th August 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Before this was a little slow, it was all good now. Luka has recovered. For me, the environment, the service of the doctor is friendly and good. Perhaps in terms of clinic location (level 1), going up and down the stairs, I think that is probably not very convenient for some customers.

Abqari - 2nd August 2016 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

All good, good doctor ... also satisfied with the treatment.

Cik Rahimah - 15th February 2016

Very friendly doctor and staffs ! If you are financially stable, I suggest you to visit this clinic for the treatment.

Afiqah - 12th February 2017

"Fractional CO2 Laser The service was superb. I did Fractional CO2 Laser here and the result was satisfying. My mild acne scars improved by 70% and it was just from the first treatment. I think I will get back my flawless skin by next treatment. For budget conscious patients, this is a great place. Once they quoted the price (example:RM 900) that's the price you have to pay (no hidden charges, "not inclusive GST yet" excuses). I am frankly tired of having to deal with other clinics that are not "honest" in quoting their service price. Keep up the good practise!"

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