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Updated: 2018 February

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Azizah Yusuf - 3rd March 2017

I went here to have laser hair removal, and was extremely happy with the results. Dr. Kuladeva is very nice and personable. he did his best to make me feel comfortable. The staff was also very comforting. I will definitely be back and also highly recommend giving it a try.

Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

Christine Lee - 29th August 2017

PRP treatment is very effective to me! Hehe im happy to have Dr Amelia taking care of my skin, so professional and kind! And you too Moon! Like your service!! Im happy with the treatment result!!!

Iwan - 1st February 2018

I went for a consultation on sebaceous cyst removal, then immediate operation last week. I was in and out of the clinic within one hour. Then headed back today to have the stitches removed. And yes I found the price very good! Dr Chin performed a first class operation. I had the sutures removed today. The service was impeccable all round and I will rate 5 stars!

Alexis Kwok - 28th December 2015

Dr Alan and his team are friendly and helpful. My friends and I are impressed with their efficiency and services. Highly recommended

Usman Ashraf - 4th June 2016

One of the best clinic i have ever been. Excellent service and hospitality. i will give 10 stars instead of 5. I highly recommend this Klinik Dr Inder.

Nabil - 15th August 2017

Saya baru saja pergi rawatan minggu lepas. Perubahan tu tak nampak lagi sebab baru je mula rawatan kan. Ubat tu ada beberapa jenis. Ada pil, syampu. Harga rawatan pula mahal la untuk saya sebab saya student lagi. Harga dia RM400. Doktor yang rawat saya pun ok saja. Bulan depan pulak saya jumpa dr.

Jia - 10th March 2017

"Tried their HIFU treatment, loved the results. Highly recommended for loose skin problems. Doctor was friendly and patiently answered my questions, the staff were friendly and sociable. Environment was very relaxing."

Norfazira - 16th June 2017

Layanan baik, doktor baik sangat baik (doktor perempuan rambut pendek). Staff di kaunter depan semua pun peramah. Kos rawatan laser untuk dua sesi= RM800, kos krim antibiotik=RM15 dan konsultasi pula RM30. Baru buat rawatan pertama pada 17th May, belum lihat perubahan ketara lagi. Selepas Raya nanti perlu lagi aturkan susulan dengan pihak klinik untuk sesi kedua.

Anonymous - 2nd January 2018

I did blepharoplasty surgery to remove eye bags.I only had to visit the clinic twice for this procedure, one is for the surgery and the following week for a follow-up.Everything has been good so far.The total cost for this procedure was RM 5000 which I think is quite reasonable for this procedure.Service was also excellent.

Deniece Chua - 21st January 2016

I have always been very particular about the products used and cleanliness during facial treatments. So it took me awhile before I stepped into Dr. Steve's clinic. I had a very pleasant experience. I had a skin peel facial treatment done followed by a brightening procedure where LED lights were used with the purpose of reducing post facial redness. That was the highlight of my treatment! I have always been so concious about post facial redness but this time I left confident with brighter and softer skin. To sum it up: Beautiful clinic. Wide variety of treatment options. Effective treatment. Great follow up from staff.

Pn. Suri - 25th July 2017

Baguslah very excellent servis klinik Clique! Lepas anak saya menerima rawatan laser untuk kali pertama, pihak klinik juga ada call saya untuk follow up, bertanya keadaan anak saya. Masa menunggu tidak lama, sebab sudah tetapkan masa & tarikh untuk temu janji. Semasa sampai di klinik, terus giliran saya. Untuk kes anak saya, kos rawatan laser untuk satu sesi adalah lebih kurang RM450. Belum pasti jumlah sesi yang diperlukan lagi sebab perlu juga ikut keadaan tanda lahir anak saya. First time saya pergi ke klinik ialah pada jam 10 pagi, kawasan tersebut agak jam dan susah juga untuk mencari tempat parkir kenderaan.

Ms Koh - 21st July 2017

The doctor is very professional, ethical and honest - he gave me genuine advice and recommend me treatments that are indeed suitable for me! The coordinator was very efficient and detailed.Besides, the clinic environment is very good, too! clean, not too crowded...It's my first time doing the treatment, I get nervous, but throughout the overall experience - from the pick-up, procedures, communication, etc., It is all a very pleasant experience! I believe this is why I chose this clinic for my treatment!

Maja Sieroń - 26th November 2017

It's amazing how hospital can looks, customers are treated very indyvidual and they can feel like in 5 stars hotel with the best and professional doctors and staf. For sure I can recomend this clinic for everyone�

Ariel Pearse - 4th December 2017

I had a teeth whitening treatment! Teeth were a little sensitive as expected but they were very professional and helpful staff! Would highly recommend 😊😊😊😊

Shasikumar A/L Gopal - 26th January 2018

Visited this clinic for lip pigmentation treatment.Service was really good.I paid RM 70 for the first-time visit which includes medication and consultation.Very satisfied with the service

Aishah Idris - 9th November 2018

I went there for my allergy that affected my skin. Went to previous clinic a month before and it got worse, but after I went to Aessence Aesthetic Clinic, just after a few days, my skin condition due to the allergy got a lot better. The staff and doctors are friendly as well. Highly recommended especially if you have a sensitive skin like me😊😊

Amira - 14th September 2017

Ubat antibiotik warna hijau dan dua jenis ubat sapu (salah satunya ialah sport gel) diberi masa kali pertama datang ke klinik. Total kos adalah RM300. Untuk kali kedua pula, kosnya adalah RM33.40 untuk refill ubat antibiotik warna hijau. So far jerawat dah kering..Nanti ada lagi third visit pada 27hb September..Sangat sangat bagus lah klinik ini treat saya dengan baik, macam menjawab semua soalan saya. Cuma untuk laser punye treatment dan cleanser (RM216) & moisturizer (RM167) saya tak ambil lagi, sebab student kan..tak mampu lagi. Kalau mampu, bolehlah ambil nanti..

Khairul - 28th July 2017

Explanation daripada Dr. Jeff sangat jelas. Pada saya, excellent service klinik ini. Staf pun friendly. Bagi saya, memuaskan. Kos konsultasi untuk kes saya, RM50.

Ms. Koh - 25th November 2016

Very good indeed ! They even remind me when is the next session. Clinic is very clean & the price is reasonable. Previously, I have used other products that bought from other clinic but not really effective for me, however, the products from Sejati clinic is good enough for my skin condition.

Amirul - 8th February 2017

Cuma perlu terima satu sesi rawatan sahaja untuk menghilangkan tahi lalat saya. Kosnya kira-kira RM150.

Fatimah - 12th October 2017

First time pergi klinik ini sebab kulit dah agak teruk, jadi saya pun buat keputusan terima konsultasi dahulu. Kos konsultasi adalah RM60...Sepanjang sesi konsultasi ok, doktor menjelaskan rawatan-rawatan yang akan disediakan, adalah berkemungkinan kos rawatan untuk satu sesi RM1000. Memang berminat terima rawatan, cuma sebab perlu kumpul duit dahulu.

Cik Norsallyza - 5th November 2015

Layanan dan persekitaran di klinik ini baik. Cuma tempat letak kenderaan di sekitar klinik ini agak penuh. Selain itu, apabila mengaturkan temu janji mendapati jadual doktor agak sibuk. Namun, pihak klinik juga mampu mengaturkan slot waktu yang sesuai kepada saya.

Hafizah - 28th July 2016

Layanan baik, staf bagi tunjuk ajar dan keterangan. Contoh, punca tumbuhnya jerawat dan rawatan apa yang sesuai dengan saya. Semasa perbincangan, mereka juga hidangkan air. Harga produk juga berpatutan, mungkin ada mahal sikit tetapi bagus sebab memang sesuai dengan kulit saya. Jerawat sudah berkurang. Saya agak sibuk kebelakangan ini, jadi masih lagi sedang mengaturkan masa untuk rawatan seterusnya. Pada pandangan saya, produknya berbeza dengan produk yang terdapat di pasaran. Kawan juga tegur, "Eh muka nampak cantik". Berbaloi sebab ada tanda positif !

Afiqah - 12th February 2017

"Fractional CO2 Laser The service was superb. I did Fractional CO2 Laser here and the result was satisfying. My mild acne scars improved by 70% and it was just from the first treatment. I think I will get back my flawless skin by next treatment. For budget conscious patients, this is a great place. Once they quoted the price (example:RM 900) that's the price you have to pay (no hidden charges, "not inclusive GST yet" excuses). I am frankly tired of having to deal with other clinics that are not "honest" in quoting their service price. Keep up the good practise!"

Pn. Asmawati - 14th July 2017

5 bintang! Sebab semua ok sahaja, staf pun baik. Untuk kes saya, ambil ubat makan dan krim, dah dua bulan. Ok, ada nampak perubahan baik. Jerawat berkurangan. Fikir nanti nak bawa anak try Facial pula. :)

AIN - 19th January 2018

Saya dapatkan rawatan laser untuk hilangkan tahi lalat dari klinik ini.Ingatkan nak pergi dulu tanya kosnye sahja untuk kali pertama,tapi bila doktor dah terangkan harga dan rawatan laser hanya ambil masa 30 min,saya pun setuju.Jumlah saya bayar RM 400 termasuk ubat dan konsultasi ,saya rasa memang berbaloi sebab kedalaman tahi lalat.Lepas habis rawatan,doktor ada beri krim sapu untuk elakkan pembiakan bakteria di tempat berkenaan.Saya pergi pun untuk 1 sesi sahaja.Memang puas hati dengan rawatan yang diterima.Memang puas hati dengan servis Dr Ko.

Cathereen - 19th October 2017

Bulan lepas terima injection, kos RM80 untuk satu sesi. Parut kelihatan semakin rata. Doktor ok friendly, tempat pun selesa.

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