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Updated: 2018 May

Are you concerned about the quality and prices while looking for the best wisdom tooth extraction in Malaysia?

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

As a community medical support network here at MyDoc Asia, we have compiled the best Dentist and Dental clinics with wisdom tooth extraction in Malaysia for you, based on reviews and ratings from verified patients who have gone to the clinic - who knows better than those who have experienced it first-hand?

In the list of 58 Dentist and Dental clinics below, you can find answers to:

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  • What types of wisdom tooth extraction treatments does the Dentist and Dental clinic provide?
  • How much does wisdom tooth extraction cost around Malaysia?
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Price Guide by Location
Popular Location in MalaysiaProvisional Average Cost
Kuala LumpurRM 1,250
SelangorRM 360
MalaccaRM 1,000
Johor BahruRM 1,245
Note: The provision of estimated prices aims to facilitate and enables patients to be better prepared financially before undergoing a medical procedure. Kindly note that actual bill size may vary in accordance to the patient’s medical condition and/or due to unforeseen complications that may arise during admission.

"Wisdom tooth, as commonly known, is actually the third molar tooth. For most of us wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth, usually erupted during the late teens or early 20's. For most of us wisdom teeth are either fully erupted, partially erupted or do not erupt at all. It is common to have some discomfort during eruption of wisdom teeth, epecially the lowers. The most common complaint is pain and swelling. This is normally followed by fever, difficulties in mouth opening, and of course eating. These will normally subside after a few days, however some will require a visit to the dentist or Oral Surgeons for cleaning and a course of antibiotics and painkillers.

Subsequently the teeth might require removal. Since most of wisdom teeth, mainly the lower, are impacted, removal means a minor oral surgical procedure."

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is commonly used to treat the following diseases/condition: Wisdom Tooth Pain

About Malaysia:

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, comprising of a peninsular below Thailand and just above Singapore, and the northern part of Borneo Island.

Medical visits to Malaysia is simple and usually doesn't post much problems, especially in terms of language. As a multilingual country, English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, and several other ethnic languages are spoken here.

The climate in Malaysia is tropical, with sunny days and rain all year round. Getting into Malaysia may require a travel visa depending on your nationality, so it is best if you check the visa requirements of Malaysian immigration before your visit.

The easiest way to get to Malaysia is by plane, with international airports available at Kuala Lumpur (KLIA/KLIA2) and Subang Jaya (SZB). Regional airports are also scattered across the country in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), Kuching (Sarawak), Penang, Langkawi and Johor Bahru. You can also travel to Malaysia by train or on the road (bus/car) from Thailand and Singapore. 

Getting around in Malaysia is easy as there are taxis and ride hailing services (Grab) available, and subways/transits in city centres of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The currency used in Malaysia is MYR (RM).

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We compiled Malaysia dentists that are licensed by ministry of health Malaysia and verified by MyDoc Asia Care Team. So here’s the list of Dentist and Dental clinics near you in Malaysia!

  • 58 total Wisdom Tooth Extraction clinics
  • Average rating 4.7 over 5
  • 896 verified reviews

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Roselynn Tan - 6th March 2017

Doctor was patient and the price was reasonable. I did my wisdom tooth extraction and scaling here.

Lim K.Y. - 18th August 2017

Quite good service actually...very fast in fact. RM2700 to do braces, for today's market it's very, very affordable! Besides, the clinic is very, very comfortable.

Baljit singh - 25th January 2018

Very satisfied with the service from the hospital.I went there for dental implant and consultation.Dr Normah was very professional and I am fully satisfied with her service.The customer manager, Kiran who I was in contact with to make appointments etc was also very professional and pleasant.

Charuni - 7th May 2018

Today i did my wisdom tooth surgery. Dentist was really talented. He managed to do everything within 30 minutes without causing any pain. I would say 5/5. Cz they did a great service which is also worth for the money. So no regrets.

Tey Huimin - 3rd February 2018

I had my wisdom tooth extraction under the care of Dr. Andy Ooi. I was given a detailed explanation before the procedure, and what to expect after the extraction. There wasnt any pain felt over the process and the tooth is removed succesfully. 3 hours after the procedure, the anaesthetic began to wear off and it started to hurt so I took a painkiller. But after that everything was fine and no pain was felt except for a swollen cheek that lasted for a few days. Antibiotics are prescribed, and the amount lasts for around 3 days. Overall no bleeding occured after the removal. I'm happy with the result of the surgery, many thanks to Dr. Andy and his team. :)

YiiNg 昀昀 - 18th August 2017

Thank you so much for making my wisdom tooth removal surgery as painless as possible. I was so nervous at first but Dr.Andy had provided a very detailed explanations and advice on my teeth condition with patience. I really appreciate the excellent quality dental care and expertise in my treatment from Dr.Andy and his team. Highly recommended, Thumb up !!!

Shang Hui Chung - 11th February 2017

The clinic The owner(s) of the clinic looked beyond providing dental service. He/she/they also provide extra services such as a children's play area and a television attached to the ceiling directly above the patient chair to enhance the whole dental visit experience. Further, the clinic is also equipped with x-ray scanner. If any scanning is required, it can be done on the spot within 5 minutes. Dentist I was attended by Dr. Andy. He gave me scaling treatment and also extracted two of my wisdom teeth. Both treatments were professionally completed, without much pain being endured (including the recovery period). Dr Andy was good in managing patients' expectation. During the process, he kept us updated of the progress. 'Please do expect a little bit of pain; the pain ends here; I am going to saw off your tooth now,etc) He also gave detailed information about the consequences of both scaling treatment and teeth extraction. 'Bleeding is expected, swelling is expected but it will subside within 2 days, etc' Further, he also gave decent advice on what not to do post surgery. He forgotten one of the advices and he purposely contacted me on the phone to convey the message. I was provided with painkiller but there was no need to put them to use. All in all, I am happy with the experience and I will return for other treatments.

Nik Michael Imran - 8th February 2018

Long overdue wisdom tooth removal done! Thought it would be super painful but Dr Aric is amazingly good at what he does & makes sure no pain was felt. Thanks Doc!!

Roxanne Lee - 23rd March 2017

Done tooth whitening, wisdom tooth removal surgery, scaling...and everything here! I'm very happy with the professional service provided =D The first time of my visit, they found my sensitive spot that bothers me for so long but was never found but other dentists! Good job�

Azeera - 25th March 2016

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Doctor is nice. Just one thing, although gave me the anesthesia twice, but still quite pain. I guess it is normal for wisdom tooth extraction?

Jason - 23rd October 2017

Super friendly doctor and explained every single thing clearly and super skillful. Will definitely recommend my friend and family come over.

Salwa Nassir - 26th August 2017

We have fear of the dentist, but in here, the fear is absent. � Comfortable ambience, experienced doctor who gives thorough explanation with available options for us to choose from and of course, the best treatment.

Meor - 28th September 2016

"My dentist in the USA said that I had to have major work after all the years of neglect. Below are what I was told I needed to do:a. 2-3 root canals. (quoted $2-3K/each)b. Orthodontic work to straighten premolar tooth that was collapsing due to an old missing tooth. ($8K-10K).c. Extract my wisdom tooth ($500-1000)d. Dental implants ($3K to 4K/each depending on the services included in procedure)e. Bone grafting ($500-1000/each)Total cost to fix my dental problem could run as high as $30K.Dr. Shamsul and Dr. Azian gave me a comprehensive rundown and my options:a. No root canal necessary after they drilled into my teeth at the first meeting @11am. Just fillings,xrays and descalling/cleaning ... as well as mopping up work on some deteriorating fillings. Took 1 1/2 hour, relatively painless for around MR$600 or about USD$150.b.Dr. Shamsul wasn't available until 4pm for my next appontment. So met with some friends for lunch, and came back around 3.30pm to miss the traffic. He told me that both molar and wisdom tooth were loose, and it was a lost cause to do all the orthodontic work. His recommendation was to extract both teeth, and do two dental implants for about MR$8.8K/each or around USD$2.2K/each. (With the bone graft)c. Since I was prepared to pay up to USD$10K for everything, this was a nice surprise. But timing was an issue since I was only going to be in Kuala Lumpur for 9 days. He said he could do the work (post installation) immediately and it would take between 90-120 minutes. But that I would have to come back in about 6 months to install the crown.d. Procedure was done with minimal pain, gave me all the medication without having to drop by a pharmacy, left the office and walked to the LRT station to get back to my hotel. (short 10 minute walk to the LRTR) Total came up to MR$17,500 or about USD$4400.e. Have my last appointment to check on the healing status 5 days after the procedure. But will be coming back for the crown installs in January 2017 or whenever I can get a cheap flight.12 hours after the procedure, I still have some tenderness, slight pain, swollen gums but everything was manageable. Didn't stop me from working at midnight until 6am.Overall visit cost me MR$18,100 which I estimate about USD$4550. My flight was about USD$650 and 4-star hotel with breakfast cost about $65/day. But I also have a lot of business meetings after the dental work. Time will tell if all goes as plan but so far I am very happy with the whole experience and the competence of the Bangsar Utama Dental Specialist. I chose Bangsar Utama Dental Specialist Center after reviewing the feedback on your website, the location of the office since it was within 15 minutes of my hotel via taxi (Concorde KL). And they were the first one to respond as well as the most responsive to my questions. I also checked the bio of the doctors there as well as the services they provided. It looked like a one-stop-dental-shop ... and they also made the crowns onsite. My assumption was that they would have done quite a few implants/crowns and had a lot of experience doing complicated dental work.I have been to some US dental schools to save a buck. Doesn't give me too much confidence but all of them turned out well except for the long wait and long consultation session as well as some mistakes that the professors corrected.The team at Bangsar Utama Dental Specialist were cordial, professional and very competent. I had a hard time finding the clinic in the non-descript building, and even the taxi driver and the locals couldn't tell me where it was located. But since I was an hour early, I did manage to find it with about 30mins to spare. It helps that I can speak the local language. Otherwise, get the taxi drive to drop you off outside the building where the is a small sign over the door. Cab/taxi fee came up to about USD$6.I loved that the place had great AC, you have to remove your shoes (somehow it felt more relaxed), non rushed environment and extremely friendly people. They even have a great coffee shop downstairs if they get busy. (loved the nasi lemak).Area look safe but then again I do blend in with the locals. Otherwise, pre plan for the taxi to pick you up outside the building or get the uber or my teksi app for your phone."

Olivia Shyan - 20th June 2015

Thank you iCARE Dental for being my dental sponsors for my pearly whites ! My wisdom teeth had been killing me for months now . Thank god I have you guys to come to the rescue !

Asuka 乐乐 - 5th May 2015

100% recommended. I was the one who really phobia to visit to dentist. I had such bad experience at another dental clinic but everything has changed since I met Dr. Eng. He did well to remove my wisdom teeth and he comfort me from my phobia. And, that's painless ~!!! It's unbelievable . I recommend all my friends to visit Dr. Eng for their tooth treatment . ^^

Ms. Kek - 17th April 2018 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Having done a small operation personally felt that the overall service of this clinic was very good. The place is easy to find, doctors and nurses are very good, and the clinic is very clean! Only the price difference! 😓 I am not sure what the outside price is, but it may be higher than this clinic. Afterwards, I needed to go back to the clinic and the nurse said that when I didn't feel hurt, I could go.

Leing CK - 9th January 2018

Done my dental checkup here. Friendly and helpful doctor. Definitely will come again. 👍

Termsak - 10th June 2017

It was me who was late by two hours because of the heavy traffic and long immigration queue on the Malaysian side of the border. Worse, I didn't know where the clinic is and couldn't find a taxi from AEON Mall while it was raining real bad. Very grateful to find a dentist (Dr. Wong) still in the clinic by the time I got there, at 4: 00 p.m.. She is friendly, professional and efficient. Within 75 minutes (15 minutes after the clinic closing time) she managed to fix my bad cavity and clean my teeth thoroughly. I am very grateful for her kind assistance. One suggestion: It will be much easier if you mention that the clinic is in a building opposite Jusco.

Arman Attarzadeh - 8th October 2016

Just finished doing a normal upper wisdom tooth extraction without surgery with Dr Queck and it was a painless and almost instant procedure. Dr Queck took the time for me to calm down due to my anxiety about pulling the tooth and even allowed me to put on my headphones so I can listen to music. I didn't even feel the anaesthetic jab and he was really gentle during the whole procss. He even took the time to watch me write my questions post surgery and answer them thoroughly. Definitely going back there for other dental work in the future. Good service, friendly staff, amazing and patient doctor and decent prices.

Jocelyn Wu Shinyin - 29th January 2016

Dr Queck is a skillful and excellent dentist! He is also very friendly, calm and he puts patients at ease. I had my wisdom tooth extracted and it wasn't as scary as others had described it. After the local anesthesia, there was no pain. Wound healed well. I highly recommend him. :)

Royle Lim - 6th January 2016

Excellent Service. Choosing Dr Queck for your dental care would be one of the wisest decision you can ever make in life. I just had my second wisdom tooth extracted by Dr Queck. Similar to my first visit, the whole process was really pleasurable and most importantly had NO PAIN at all. Dr Queck will carefully make sure that the anesthesia has fully taken effect before proceeding and you will not even feel anything at all. I also had scaling done and you can tell that he is really one gentle and skilful dentist. As also stated in other reviews, Dr Queck is really friendly and approachable, and he always talk to the patients to ease any dental anxiety in a patient. I would totally recommend Dr Queck for any dental care.

Norsuhainy - 25th April 2018 - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Tan dental surgery (klang) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Remove the youngest molars here. An hour and a half minor surgery. The cost is also reasonable. Rm300. Other clinics are expensive. Dr Tan is good, be patient and try out the best practices, good service.

Ms.Gan - 14th December 2016 - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

I give 4 stars! Before going to the clinic to pull wisdom teeth, the clinic's service attitude, equipment, environment and price are very good!

- 2nd June 2015

"Had my wisdom tooth extracted, minimal pain on injection and during extraction, doctor was gentle and patient! After the visit, I no longer fear seeing a dentist."

Hasbi - 22nd January 2018

The consultation which I had received from the doctor was great! I would also like to thank the receptionist staffs for keeping my son company while I was away.

chris shee - 6th January 2018

Dr Candy Tham was very patient and willing to explain every step of the way throughout the scaling process including the air polishing step. She also explained her examination of the overall health of my teeth after scaling and offered to patch a self-repair gel to two of my big tooth to work for an hour. The whole process was a breeze. No pain and all done within half an hour. One star short is just a small issue. Never been to this dental clinic before and I called to ask for the price of scaling beforehand and was informed the range between RM80-100, which was great. But ended up with RM130. Wasn't complaining about the price or service but would prefer to know the accurate price of the service beforehand if possible. I turned down another dental scaling service with awesome recommendation because the nurse said over the phone the service is above RM100 but no max range was given. Not the kind of surprise I think most common patients would love to get. Afterall dental service is usually not covered by most employment benefits. One good surprise though, both me and my friend got a small gift as first time patients. It came with an educational pamphlet for kids dental care, a handheld tooth mirror and a Colgate toothpaste! Sweet~ 😘😘😘

TJ Tony - 7th October 2017

The Drs attending to my problem are attentive and resourceful. It lessen my fear as I never look forward to seeing a dentist as this while. Overall, it was a plesant experience as the Drs and nurses including d receptionist are helpful and courteous.

Vivian - 11th April 2018

I've visited the clinic at MyTown. The wisdom tooth surgery went well and I'm recovering fine now. The clinic responded promptly and I'll rate them 5.☺

Lim WeiChun - 28th November 2017

Dr. Yew possesses great skill in extracting wisdom tooth. Got my wisdom tooth extracted without feeling pain during extraction process. Dr. Yew is very considerate while extracting the wisdom tooth as he constantly check with me about my feeling in order to ensure that I don't feel a single pain feeling. Always the best dentist to go for if you are afraid of seeing a dentist.

ChenPing Cheah - 18th November 2017

Had a painless wisdom tooth extraction here. The dentist also provided thorough explanation on the extraction procedure. Highly recommended.

Dovile Ka - 20th November 2017

I'm super afraid of the dentists, but Dr. Jacqueline Chang is so amazing ! I had one filling done by her and wisdom tooth removal. Both procedures were super smooth and quick. Highly recommend !

Jee Seck Hon - 12th January 2018

Dr always give very good service and you will feel comfortable and very less pain there.

Alyssa Tee Yee Fee - 16th March 2015

Dr. Lee provided me with professional advices on 3 of my wisdom teeth, need not worry about unnecessary treatment or overselling of dental products. Definately a good choice.

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