Legality of Clinics and Doctors

Last Updated: 3rd Mar 2017

At, we aims at keeping patients informed so that they can make the best possible choice on which clinic/doctor to visit. Hence, we are very concerned with the legality of clinics and doctors who share their information on, and would like to inform you that:


  1. The Malaysia Ministry of Health’s (MOH) approval is required by all private clinics.
    Lists of MOH-approved private clinics can be found on this webpage: MOH: SENARAI KLINIK PERUBATAN SWASTA
    Lists of MOH-approved private dental clinics can be found on this webpage: MOH: SENARAI KLINIK PERGIGIAN SWASTA
    Also, all registered clinics are required to display their certificate of registration at a place where it can be easily seen by visiting patients.
  2. All practicing doctors are required to be registered under the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). You may check if a doctor is registered on this webpage: MMC: Medical Register Search
  3. All practicing dentists are required to be registered under the Malaysian Dental Council (MDC). You may check if a dentist is registered on this webpage: MDC: Dental Practitioner Register Search
  4. All practicing specialists are required to be registered under either the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) or the National Specialist Registry (NSR). These can be checked on these respective webpages: AMM Membership Register Search & NSR: Specialist Register Search


  1. To verify the legality of clinics in Indonesia, you can inquire directly to Local Health Department.
  2. All doctors, dentists, and specialist doctors who practice in Indonesia must be registered under the Indonesian Medical Council (IMC).

Due mainly to ethical reasons, we will check all criteria stated above before allowing a clinic/doctor to create a page on As noted on the “Terms and Conditions” page, however, information regarding the legality of a clinic/doctor written on a clinic/doctor’s page is provided by the respective clinic/doctor; we take no responsibility and assume no liability for such information.

Regardless if a clinic/doctor/specialist is listed on, we highly recommend that you check the criteria stated above before visiting any private clinic, or accepting treatments from any doctor/specialist. If you happen to find a clinic/doctor suspicious, please kindly contact us at Also, you may want to report the case to the Ministry of Health at (for clinics) and (for doctors). Whereas in Indonesia, you can raise the case to the Local Health Department (for clinics) and the Indonesian Medical Council (IMC) at (for doctors).